We revel in  the raw moments -- the moments in between. We want your memories to live on your walls and in your heart, not on a device in a drawer. We believe in capturing you in your own light - - capturing your unique story. We believe in adventure and in every kind of love. Our approach is organic and inspired by the art within nature.

we want to capture
your once in a lifetime moments & your
everyday adventures.

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For the  wild  &  in  love

   I wouldn't be the artist I am without the backing of my creative immediate family. Even though my mother always held a nine to five job throughout my childhood, she always made time to be creative. Whether it was crafting, interior design, arranging flowers, taking pictures, etc. My mom always inspired us to keep a  unique perspective involving  art, design, fashion, and all that lies between ( an inherited trait from her own mother)

   In families such as these, the introduction to art starts quite early. Children are given the best tools and materials to work with almost as soon as they evince the first signs of artistic interest,  you can't go backwards from there.  Being taught at a young age to explore art and expression was just part of the family dynamic. I still goto my mother when I need inspiration or someone to put a second set of eyes on a design. 

   When I was about ten my grandmother let me pick out a new digital camera for my Christmas gift, my first Sony Cyber Shot camera, you know the ones with the tiny screen and huge memory cards that maybe fit 50 images? From there, the grocery store disposable wind up camera went out the window.. and I was hooked. I was dressing my friends up in my basement in full hair and makeup for photo shoots.
  When college time came around I explored a business degree, but inevitably finished as an art major with a degree in Graphic Design. Through Graphic Design and becoming a parent I was re-inspired to pick the camera up and pursue photography as a full time career and never looked back. 

it all started with a Christmas camera.

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Currently booking 2020 - 2021
We offer local & worldwide elopement and wedding packages to suit all couples from intimate to adventure and beyond  We love travel!

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Lauren did an awesome job for all our pictures! She did our wedding pictures and boudoir photos! She is down to earth and makes everything feel comfortable and natural. Worth every penny!


Lauren is everything you’d want in a photographer! Her work is stunning, she’s creative and she’s super easy to work with!


I love Lauren and can't wait to book more sessions with her! Our wedding and engagement photos are to die for!


Since Lauren’s gorgeous photography speaks for itself, I’d like to say something about what a JOY she is to work with! She is such a warm, good-natured, and genuine soul that one cannot help but feel at ease in her presence! Her creativity and sense of humor complements her incredible talent perfectly and I would easily recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy professional who is as good at what she does as she is fun to hang out with!


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