When you are ready to book with Lauren Heath Photography, we start with setting a date for a one on one consultation. During this time we will go over payment options, our contract, wedding day details, engagement session locations, and answer any questions you may have. Typically this involves chatting over a cup of coffee and getting to know a little more about each other and the process. I love hearing about all the details, planning, and prepping.
After we go over the contract together and arrange your retainer.  By paying this retainer you are officially booked on my calendar. I require a retainer of 50% down to hold your wedding date on my schedule. Once this non- refundable retainer is paid your date is locked in and I will then decline the date for anyone else inquiring. If you are in need of arranging a payment plan we can discuss this also. Wedding planning can be hard so let's ease the burden a little.  Final payments are due one week before the event date.  It's really that simple. 



Q: Where are you located and how far will you travel?

I am located just about thirty minutes north of Central Michigan University in a small town called Harrison, I love our little neck of the wilderness, but I also love to travel! I include up to 200 miles of travel in all my packages. You can find me cruzing from one side of the state to the other almost all wedding season.

Anything over that may be subject to a nominal fee. I have traveled outside of the U.S. for photography and am always up for an adventure! If you are interested in an adventure destination elopement or wedding I can customize a quote for you with travel please contact me here.

Q: What is a limited print release?

A Limited print release allows you to take your images to a printer of your choice and reproduce them. However, it does not include any image manipulation or editing of any kind. I do not give raw files, just as a painter would not give an unfinished copy of their artwork. 

Every gallery includes a download option, a share to social media option, and the option to buy prints and wall art directly through my professional print lab. I am only able guarantee prints and products produced through my professional lab. I do have a list of online labs whom I recommend if you are looking to self fulfill. I DO NOT recommend quick print places like Walmart, Walgreens, etc. These places do not use the same printing processes as a pro lab nor are their printers aligned with my color calibrated monitor used to edit. 

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The number of images taken depends on many factors -  - 
Number of guests, hours of coverage, timeline, type of venue and event, hours of dancing and more. I typically average around 650 images for an 8 hour event with a secondary shooter. I try to provide you with works of art and moments captured rather than snapshots, quality over quantity.

Q: How many images will we receive?

I am fully insured with Fullframe Liability as a limited liability corp. I am able to provide proof of insurance to your venue, just mention it. 

Q: My venue requires proof of liability insurance, do you have that?

I have never had this happen in seven years, however if it came down to it... I always have a plan in place. Life happens and so do emergencies. 
 I have a huge network of awesome associate photographers,  whom I can count on to step in for me if a situation arises. This is where a secondary shooter is also so important. Having a secondary shooter already planned for your date allows me to have them step into the lead photographer role and acquire a secondary shooter to back them up. My secondary shooters are all trained to shoot in a similar style to my own, 

Q: What if something happens and you aren't able to shoot our big day?

All my future couples receive a wedding event questionnaire I send out about a month before their event date. This questionnaire gets right down to the dirty details you will be asked to provide things like: contact info for your baker, addresses to every location we will use, timeline info, and a desired shots list for us to capture. 

Q:  How do you know what images we want you to capture? 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your images to be edited and loaded into your personal password protected gallery. A link will be provided to your contact email and from there you can view, share with friends and family, download, and order prints to ship directly to your door. 

Q: When will our final images be ready? 

Q: How does the album design process work?

My own wedding album is my prize possession. Seriously, best thing we ever did as young adults. My kiddos have looked through it hundreds of times pointing to their nona and papa, cousins, etc. I am so excited to create wedding albums for my clients. They are a tangible, beautiful record of your day! The process is fairly simple, once your gallery link is sent to you, there is a feature within it that allows you to  create a list of your favorite images. I will take those images and lay out a album design for you. I will then send you a proof of the album in which you may note corrections or changes you would like. I give two revisions per album free of charge. Once we agree on the design it is off to the lab and in your home in a few weeks time. Albums have come a long. long way! Included in my packages are a solid color leather covered 10x10 20 page album. These albums are HAND made and superior, archival quality, offer thick lay flat pages and are only available from my pro lab. 

Q: Do we really need to do and engagement session ?

Each full day package includes an engagement session. Engagement sessions are so important! They give us time to get to know each other a little more, you get a feel for how I work and I get a feel of your relationship. They also help us to nail some awesome poses in preparation for your big day. 




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